Call 269-857-4248 | Open for takeout Tuesday through Sunday 5-9/10pm ( until Sep 30 )

Live Piano & Jazz On Weekends in Saugatuck, MI
Fresh Fruit Drinks & Cocktails From The Bar In Saugatuck, Michigan
Seafood & Steak Dinners In West Michigan
Saugatuck Bar & Lounge
Fine Dining In Saugatuck, Near Douglas, Michigan
Music & Bar In Saugatuck, Michigan
Wine & Spirits Near Douglas, Within Saugatuck, Michigan
Near Oval Beach
Desserts, Tiramisu, Pies & Cakes
Key Lime Pie
Pizza w/ Gluten Free & Vegan Options
Mojitos, Margatitas, & Martinis
Down The Road From Oval Beach
Seafood, Srhimp, Scallops, Mussels, Boullabaise

Casual & Fine Family Dining in Saugatuck, Michigan

Join us straight from the beach or a night on the town

Seating For Groups Large & Small
Enjoy Dining With Your Family
Bar & Lounge With Music, Sports, & Full Menu
The Best & Most Attentive Service & Servers In West Michigan

One of a Kind Live Piano & Jazz Musicians

Weekend evenings in the lounge

Jazz, Piano, Singers, & Swing Music
Nighlife & Entertainment
Out and About Saugatuck With Frinds & Family
Stunning Musical Performances While You Dine

Rolling Land & Wild Sea Entree Selections

Chef William McIntyre presents

The Finest of Authentic Italian Pizzas

Build your own ingredients

Appetizers, Salads, & Desserts

Inspired tastes & treats

Curated Bar, Beverage & Wine Offerings

From traditional to the unexpected

147 Water Street - Saugatuck, Michigan

Open late April through September